Sample Menu

Trio of starters

Arancino Ragu
Bombetta Ham & Mozzarella
Siciliana Olives, Spring Onion & Pecorino

Trio of Pasta

Garganelli Sausages & Provolone Dolce
Tortellini Porcini Mushrooms
Lamb Ragu Tortelli & Goats Cheese Cream

Trio of Desserts

Connolo Ricotta
Coffe Bigne
Chocolate Truffle

Next Pasta Night


12th October 2019 18:30 – 23:00

Don’t miss the chance to book a table with us on the December 21st 2019 for our last Pasta Night of this year accompanied by saxophonist

Rob Acoolensamble and of course a dedicated and well thought Christmas Themed Sicilian menu for just £45.00 per person. Book Now